korrin land on nasa supercomputer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twitter    Discord: Mikufan2039

hi im korrin.


My 88x31 button

-developer of games and occassionally other things

-artist and graphic designer

-hyperfixation melted brain resident advertiser sleeper agent

-owner of 4:3 flatscreen dell monitor with no built in sound

-i really like doom and quake

-needer of money in case of my Whims requiring it

-hater of digital rights management

-hater of anything bigger than 15gb

-hater of the new fangled interweb (flexible on this)

-hater of needing my computers volume needing to be past 60

-.....lover of physical media...............game and movie collector


Creative endeavors:

Core 2 Studio


The 'Tubes


korrins list of free shit


The other guys: