Hiddens Gems (abandonware) that you should check out!!!!

Recommended Indie games


Ports | Community Editions | Fansites with Downloads:

Crispy Doom- Doom port (forked off Chocolate Doom) focused on being vanilla accurate while providing QOL options like widescreen and having non-vanilla settings OFF by default

Ironwail- Performance focused vanilla Quake 1 port thats compatible with the new expansion from the offical 2021 remaster and has a built in mod browser

BuildGDX- An All-In-One sourceport for the Build Engine games (Duke Nukem 3d, Blood, Shadow Warrior, etc)

OpenRCT2- Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

NSMB Mario VS Luigi- A fanmade online multiplayer recreation of Mario VS Luigi from New Super Mario Bros. DS that supports up to 10 players

The Unofficial Homestuck Collection

Melty Blood Community Edition- Free community edition of Melty Blood

Tsukihime Browser Version- A browser version of the visual novel Tsukihime with lots of QOL improvements

Cave Story Tribute Site- Cave story fansite with downloads of the original game and sourceports for it.

Moriya Shrine- Touhou fansite with downloads for both official and fanmade content

Puyo Puyo VS- Free online multiplayer Puyo clone with easily customizable characters and visuals


Precise Museum- Group dedicated to translating the Puyo Puyo series

Persona 1 PS1 Delocalization and Retranslation project- WIP

Unreleased/lost media:

Spongebob Behind Closed Doors

Cartoon Network - A Night of Independent Animation October 20,1996 (w Ads)

Quake GBA

Cyberworld Assets (Including Pokémon 2000 Adventure Game)- Assets and files from Cyberworld including a playable lost media 3d Pokemon browser game that was made as a promotion for Pokemon the movie 2000

Comics and Scans:

Jojo's Colored Adventure- These might be outdated at this point but the translations they have are funny

Sam and Max: Surfin' The Highway Anniversary Edition

High Quality Persona 3-4 Renders




Rare Vocaloid P-data Series


io_export_qmap- Plugin to export maps made in Blender to .map format

YunoHost- Linux distro meant for hosting your own beginner friendly web server

LibreOffice- Free and open source Microsoft Office alternative that's compatible with Office file formats

WizTree- Easy to use app for seeing what is taking up all your disk space in detail!

Wrapper-Offline- An offline server emulator for GoAnimate (essentially letting you use the old GoAnimate editor without the dependency on Vyond to keep it up/needing an account to use it)

SteamAutoCracker- Removes the need to use the Steam client to play your favorite Steam game! (only works on Steam DRM so if the game has Denuvo or something that's another story)

For more tools and useful stuff visit mint.lgbt

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